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Stretch films (also known as pallet wrap or stretch wrap) are an essential product for any business that needs to protect and keep their products safe during storage, transport and shipping.

Our stretch films are strong, durable and provide superior protection from moisture, dust, dirt and other environmental hazards.

We can also provide heat-shrink films which perform a similar function but often provide greater strength with less material use.

Whatever your needs, we can help from films for automatic pallet wrapping machines to hand pallet wraps. Contact us to discuss your requirements or place your order today.

Machine Pallet Wrap

Industry Sectors
Machine wrap makes light work of securing pallets & packages. Two types of pallet stretch wrap are available.

Hand Pallet Wrap

Polythene Products
Produced by a method known as casting to ensure our film is stronger, clearer and sticks only to itself.

Mini Stretch Wrap

Eco Products
A good application for small products. Great for bundling small loads or as an alternative to strapping/tape.

Stretch Netting

Eco Products
Netting solutions that help all types of businesses store, ship and deliver merchandise.

Heat Shrink Wrap & Films

Heat Shrink Wrap
Heat shrink film forms a “second skin” around packaging providing protection against dust, dirt and moisture.

Pallet Wraps

Pallet Wraps
Pallet wraps are used to protect pallet load stability and to contribute to the safe and secure transportation of goods.

Black Pallet Wrap

A black Pallet Wrap
Sustainable, secure and strong to support the transportation of your goods

Benefits of stretch wrap

Packaging your products or pallets using stretch wrap is quick, easy and offers a number of benefits compared to alternative packaging solutions. For example:

  • Improves security - stretch wrap can make it much harder to access any goods contained within, and makes packaging and pallets far more tamper-resistant

  • Waterproof - when wrapped fully and securely, plastic wrap can provide a robust external layer which prevents (or slows) water from being absorbed, keeping the goods dryer for longer

  • Improves load security - stretch wrap is incredibly strong and tear-resistant which makes it one of the most popular methods for securing palletised goods during transit

  • Fast and easy to use - regardless of whether you’re using hand wrap or an automated wrapping machine, stretch wrap offers one of the fastest packaging solutions available which helps you to reduce costs and improve productivity

  • Recyclable - most stretch film wraps are 100% recyclable making them a more environmentally friendly solution

Learn more about the benefits of stretch wrap in our comprehensive article.

Bespoke stretch wrap, manufactured to meet your requirements

All of our stretch films are custom manufactured to your requirements, ensuring that your products are securely packaged each time, every time. We can customise almost any aspect of our stretch wraps including:

  • Thickness

    • We can provide any thickness, but most of our clients request stretch wrap manufactured from light-weight film at 12 microns (48 gauge) to heavy duty film at 30 micros (120 gauge)
  • Manufacturing method - Choose from:

    • Cast stretch wrap - for high clarity and high tensile strength, or
    • Blown stretch wrap - for high tact and puncture resistance
  • Core types - Choose from:

    • Flush cores - for wrapping products using a hand dispenser
    • Extended cores - for wrapping products by hand using the roll itself as the dispenser
    • Coreless - to use with reusable cores which offers less waste, costs savings and less shipping weight
  • Colours - We can provide film in any colour but our most popular are:

    • Clear - which aids inspection of goods whilst allowing products to remain securely packaged
    • Black - which helps improve security by obscuring view of the goods contained within the package or pallet
    • Blue tint - commonly used within the food industry
  • Roll size

    • We can customise the length or width to meet your requirements, but our most popular sizes for hand wrapping include widths of 400mm to 500mm, and roll lengths of 2.5m to 6m. For machine wraps, we can supply rolls of any length but typically these will be 3,000ft to 10,000ft rolls
  • Anti-static

    • Keep your goods cleaner for longer by reducing the risk of the packaging attracting dust or dirt from the warehouse or other environments such as on construction sites
  • Pre-stretched

    • Pre-stretched stretch wrap offers a number of advantages including less tension being required during the wrapping process, lighter roll weight, and less film being required per roll
  • UV protection

  • All of our polythene stretch wraps are manufactured using at least 30% PCW


Can you provide a free stretch wrap sample?

Yes we can, but please note that all of our products are custom manufactured to meet your requirements, so the sample you receive may be of the closest product we currently have available. Please contact our team to discuss this further.

Can you provide stretch wrap using recycled material?

Yes. All of our packaging products use at least 30% post-consumer waste recycled material. In addition, more environmentally friendly manufacturing methods mean we can now supply eco-friendly stretch films which have been created using plant material such as sugar cane, and that are 100% recyclable.

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