Industrial Polythene are the UK's largest independent supplier of polyethelene (polythene) packaging products and as such, we offer one of the UK's largest ranges of customised polythene bags.

Every order is tailored and bespoke for each client's individual needs and we have experience of providing solutions to meet commercial, industrial, medical or domestic uses.

All of our poly bags can be manufactured to your size, strength and design needs, as well as the option of additives to offer further protection to your products.

As an independent supplier of polythene packaging products, we strive to offer cost effective and quality products, as well as delivering exceptional customer service through our professional and expert team.

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Polythene Bags for Any Use

Every order is tailored and bespoke to the each client's individual requirements. As a result, we can supply poly bags for almost any use or industry.

The following are just a few examples of the most commonly requested types of bags that we can supply:

Light-Duty Plastic Poly Bags

Our light-duty poly bags are manufactured using high quality low density polyethylene. They are perfect for packaging goods for transport and storage due to their moisture resistance, keeping your products clean and dry. They are also suitable for food use.


  • 100 - 150 gauge

  • Side weld - perfect for display purposes in the wholesale industry
  • Open width by length
  • Bespoke sizes to fit your needs

Medium and Heavy-Duty Plastic Poly Bags

Our medium-duty and heavy-duty poly bags are manufactured using high quality low density polyethylene. They are perfect for a range of uses from domestic to commercial to industrial as they are strong, durable and versatile. Our heavy-duty bags are especially suitable for work and construction areas when heavy objects require storage in plastic bags. Our poly bags ensure that your products remain protected, clean and dry, whatever their application.


  • 100 - 500 gauge

  • Bottom weld - features a characteristic ‘skirt’ at the base which helps strengthen the bag for storing heavier items

  • Bespoke sizes to fit your needs

Additions and Modifications

We are able to supply poly bags to your specific requirements, including additional treatments and additives to guard against potential sources of harm to your products. These additions and modifications include:

  • Butylated Hydroxytoluene (BHT) free - ideal for dry cleaning or clothing bags as it keeps items clean and prevents discolouration (yellowing).

  • Perf Holes (perforated holes/micro-vents) - ideal for food and catering industries.

  • Watertight seal - ideal for aquatics industries, food packaging, and storing electronics.

  • Ethyl Vinyl Acetate (EVA) additive - ideal for freezer use.

  • UV Inhibitor additive - ideal for preventing the bag content from being spoiled by ultraviolet light.

  • Anti-static additive - ideal for the electronics industry.

  • Low slip bags - easier grip of the bag and better handling.

  • High slip bags - slide for ease of movement during handling process (so a large stack of bags can easily be taken apart and the bags quickly detached from one another).

Low Density Polyethylene (LDPE) Plastic Bags

Low-density polyethylene (LDPE) resins are commonly used when making plastic bags for food packaging and other utility bags. The LDPE polymer has short side branches, which means that its molecules are less tightly packed, giving it its lower density.

Key Characteristics

The process of making bags out of the LDPE polymer results in a light-weight and flexible yet tough and durable plastic bag.

Furthermore, the way they are manufactured allows the bags to be clear and see-through, perfect for applications in which you need to see inside the bag. Another great feature of LDPE bags is that they are waterproof. This makes them very good at keeping moisture in, as well as keeping it out, depending on your needs.


Due to the versatility of the low density polyethylene bags, such as its flexibility, durability, lightweight qualities and waterproof qualities, they have a variety of uses. This includes applications in a lot of commercial and food industries, being used as bin bags and food bags.

Learn more about LDPE and its uses in plastic packaging

Benefits of Poly Bags:

Cost Effective

Are you looking for one of the most cost effective packaging options around? Due to plastic being one of the cheaper packaging materials, poly bags offer a great cost effective yet versatile and durable option. To reduce costs for your company, get in touch with Industrial Polythene and save money through the use of poly bags.

Short production time

Poly bag packaging has a very fast production process. Polythene bags are crafted from poly sheeting. We can swiftly stretch it out, cut it down, and seal it to your bespoke specifications and requirements, easily manipulating the size, shape, and design through our well organised and efficient process, giving us a fast turn around from order to delivery.


Despite the flexibility of low density polythene bags, they are relatively strong and durable. This makes them perfect for a range of requirements and various contents you may need to carry. We can manufacture your poly bag to varying strengths and gauges, increasing its resistance to punctures and tears.


A major advantage of LDPE poly bags is how durable and resistant they are. This includes their moisture resistance qualities that makes it far superior to other options. This waterproof protection can be essential when containing food items or electronics, meaning poly bags are your best option for protecting your goods.


Due to the customisable nature of LDPE material, poly bags are the ideal product to go for a variety of uses. LDPE poly bags can be printed on, be sealed in multiple ways, different handle options, and a variety of additives can be added to guard against potential issues such as cold, ultraviolet and static.

If you’re looking for a cost effective, strong, durable and versatile plastic bag with a quick manufacturing process and turn around, then poly bags from Industrial Polythene are the perfect solution for your needs.

We have a comprehensive stock range of clear plastic bags and we also offer a bespoke service available with quick turn around, so you can receive high quality light, medium or heavy duty printed or clear poly bags made to order. Our expert team will help you find the optimum gauge, size and thickness for your industry and needs, reducing your cost and waste while providing exactly what you need.

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