Pallet wraps are used to protect pallet load stability and to contribute to the safe and secure transportation of goods. We have a wide range of products to choose from to ensure the correct pallet wrap for your load.

Hand pallet wrap

A quick and cost-effective method of securing loads. Hand pallet wraps provide protection for your goods, are 100% recyclable, and will not place uneven pressure across the load. We offer a wide range of cast and blown pallet wraps in different colours and sizes, we can even print your logo on the film for ultimate customisation.

Machine pallet wrap

Machine pallet wraps are distributed more evenly and will secure pallets with minimal effort. Available in cast and blown in both standard and PPS, our machine pallet wraps are economical and high quality, suitable for packaging and transporting goods. With a wide range to choose from, you can ensure you are choosing the right machine pallet wrap for the job.

Heat shrink pallet wraps

Heat shrink pallet wraps are ideal for wrapping awkwardly shaped goods. When heat is applied, they shrink to form a second skin around the pallet, ensuring that the load is protected from environmental damage and increased stability during transit and storage. Cost-effective, durable, tear-resistant, and puncture-resistant, heat shrink pallet wraps will give you peace of mind that your load is secure, no matter the shape.

Heavy Duty Pallet Wrap

Some objects place heavier demands on packaging during transportation and this is where our heavy duty pallet wrap comes in. Our heavy duty pallet wrap helps protect and secure heavy or irregular loads with sharp or long protrusions where standard thickness pallet wrap would normally fail.

Black Pallet Wrap

Black pallet wrap is perfect for helping to improve the security of your goods by making it difficult to see what the pallet or boxes contain. Our robust polythene wrap also secures palletised goods during transportation and storage as well as protecting your goods from dust and rain.

What are pallet wraps for?

Sometimes referred to as pallet cling wrap, pallet wraps are one of the most commonly used products to prevent loads from becoming loose or falling off their pallets. So, they ensure the safety of goods during transit or protect goods from the elements during storage.

Pallet wraps are also used to deter thieves. They are significantly more difficult to remove than standard covers and can also be made in black to hide the contents of your pallet.

With a pallet wrap, you can rest assured that your load will be protected from the weather, transported safely and securely, and stored with no damage to your goods. Whatever size or shape your goods are, there is a pallet wrap that will suit your needs, with the added benefit of our pallet wraps being 100% recyclable.

Benefits of pallet wraps

There are many benefits to opting for a pallet wrap to secure your goods. Our pallet wraps;

  • Provide a durable, tear-resistant, and puncture-resistant wrap for your goods

  • Help to deter thieves

  • Protect your load from environmental impact

  • Secure your goods to keep them in place on the pallet

Are pallet wraps recyclable?

Yes. All of our pallet wraps are 100% recyclable with absolutely no compromise on durability or performance.

We offer a range of greener packaging options and with technology advancing all the time, it is becoming easier to provide recyclable products for almost every industry. Learn more about our eco-friendly packaging solutions.

Can I customise my pallet wrap?

All of our pallet wraps are completely bespoke to ensure that the pallet cling wrap fits your load and suits your needs. You choose the colour and the size and we can print logos or any text you please on the pallet wrap. 

Printed pallet wraps allow your products are easily recognisable in storage and can increase brand awareness to any potential customers.

What you are looking to wrap will determine what kind of pallet wrap you require. If you have any questions at all about what product would be best for you, we are here to help.

What is the difference between cast and blown pallet wraps?

The main difference between cast and blown pallet wraps is the way they are manufactured. This has a direct impact on the price and how they are used.

Blown pallet wraps

  • Are made by melting polymer through a screw, then blowing a bubble metre in the air to cool it down
  • Have more holding force so once it is applied to your load, it will not restretch which will secure your goods in place on the pallet
  • Are not as clear as cast pallet wraps
  • Have a 2-sided cling
  • Are loud when being released from the roll

Cast pallet wraps

  • Are made by cooling molten polymer quickly in laminated layers
  • Stretch easily
  • Have a 1-sided cling to secure your load without sticking to the next pallet
  • Are completely clear
  • Are quiet when being released from the roll
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We manufacture and supply a wide range of polythene pallet wrap films but also hand, mini and machine wraps.
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