Whether you’re storing your items long term or transporting goods short- or long-haul, your palletised items could be at risk of damage or tampering. This compromisation of your goods can lead to products being unsellable, have a negative impact on your brand’s image, and incur potential costs involved if returns are required.

Industrial Polythene’s pallet covers solve this issue. This packaging secures and protects products from adverse weather, tampering, moisture, and dust and debris from dirty environments, ensuring your goods remain intact and arrive at their destination as you intended.

Our range of pallet covers are specifically designed to offer a high quality and economical way to protect all your palletised products whether it is for storage purposes or for protection during transportation.

We offer three main categories of pallet covers to cater to your specific needs:

Each are custom manufactured and supplied to your own unique requirements and exact specification.

Heat Shrink Pallet Covers

Polythene shrink covers are robust sheets that are heat sealed to completely protect your palletised product, encapsulating the item and thoroughly shielding it from dust, debris, water and contamination.

This heavy-duty heat sealed cover will also increase the stability of the pallet, improving the structural strength and therefore offering further protection from damage and breakage, particularly during long transportation journeys that may involve increased movement and instability.

Our heat shrink pallet covers offer complete protection of the palletised goods. Significant investment in research & development allows us to offer superior load stability whilst down gauging without affecting the quality of the pallet cover.

Reusable, Non Shrink Covers (Dust Covers)

Non-shrink, reusable polythene pallet covers, also known as dust covers, are strong and durable sheets that encapsulate a palletised product. They are not heat sealed around the product like shrink covers, meaning non shrink covers are quick and easy to use and apply manually, with no machinery required for application.

Our dust covers offer a fast and heavy-duty solution for guarding your palletised items. Non shrink pallet covers are perfect for protecting your products quickly from dust, dirt or rain. These are ideal for construction sites, industrial warehouses, storage facilities and other outdoor working areas, where fast and frequent access of the palletised goods is required.

Top Covers/Top Sheets

Polythene pallet top covers/pallet top sheets provide a top layer of protection for palletised products. The top sheet guards against dust, debris and moisture that may damage or compromise the product when stored in dirty environments, in transit, or as a fast solution for covering something that needs to be stored outside where there is a risk of bad weather.

Pallet top sheets are quick and easy to apply to your palletised product, simply laying the sheet over the top. This can be used for basic protection for the top of the item, or for more comprehensive protection when used in conjunction with stretch wrapping which covers the sides of the product.

Like non shrink covers, pallet top covers are perfect for construction sites, industrial warehouses, storage facilities and other outdoor working areas, where fast and frequent access of the palletised goods is required.

Alternative Pallet Protection Solutions

In addition to our pallet covers we offer a range of alternative means of securing and protecting palletised goods including:

As with our pallet covers, each order is custom manufactured and supplied to your own unique requirements and exact specification.

Whether you’re interested in shrink covers, non shrink covers or top covers, all of Industrial Polythene’s pallet covers can be created bespoke to your needs, whatever the size of your product or pallet size. All pallet covers are also available gusseted or centrefold and can be supplied either perforated on the roll or as singles.

As the UK's largest independent supplier of polythene packaging products, we can supply pallet covers manufactured to you requirements.

Our most common requests include:
  • Extra robust, heavy duty pallet covers

  • Waterproof pallet covers

  • Gusseted pallet covers

  • Pallet covers on a roll

  • Black pallet covers for improved security

  • Clear pallet covers for faster checking of loads

  • Printed pallet covers

  • Pallet covers to fit UK or Euro pallet sizes

  • Plasterboard pallet covers

To learn more, either check out the relevant dedicated page on our website or contact us on 0330 094 7197 to discuss your requirements and request a free quote.

Bags and Covers Products

We manufacture and supply a wide range of polythene bags and covers.
For more info about our products click on the links below:

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