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Construct Zero – Reduce Your Carbon Footprint With Industrial Polythene

Here at Industrial Polythene, we want to work to create a zero-emissions construction industry. We believe that by providing the right products to the industry, we can work together to solve some of the world’s biggest environmental issues. Sustainable packaging is something we are passionate about and the latest manufacturing technologies mean we can help our customers reduce their carbon footprint.

What is Construct Zero?

Construct Zero (officially known as CO2nstructZero) is the Construction Industry’s zero carbon change programme run by the CLC (Construction Leadership Council). 

Construct Zero was created as a direct response by the construction industry to the UK Government’s  10-point plan for a Green Industrial Revolution. Published in 2020, the plan lays the foundations for the UK to be Net Zero by 2050.

The CLC used the Climate Change Committee's 6th Carbon Budget to form its action plan and establish 9 main priorities such as eliminating 78% of diesel plants from construction sites by 2035. It is this plan by which they’ll measure their progress.

What are the 9 CO2nstructZero priorities?

The 9 CO2nstructZero priorities: 

Transport - 

  1. Drive the shift of zero-emission vehicles & onsite plant in the construction industry.
  2. Optimise Modern Methods of Construction & improved onsite logistics 
  3. Champion developments & infrastructure investments that enable connectivity with low-carbon modes of transport 

Buildings - 

  1. Deliver retrofitting to improve housing stock energy efficiency
  2. Scale up the capability of using low-carbon heat solutions in buildings
  3. Enhance energy performance of new & existing buildings

Construction Activity - 

  1. Implement carbon measurement to support construction projects
  2. Become world leaders in designing out carbon with highly capable designers & construction professionals 
  3. Support the development of low-carbon materials & advance their manufacturing production process & distribution 

Industrial Polythene provides a number of modern, sustainable, eco-friendly packaging solutions which help companies reduce their carbon footprint, which in turn helps the construction industry as a whole in working towards its net zero goals.

How is Industrial Polythene helping the construction industry reduce carbon footprints?

38% of global greenhouse gas emissions released are from building & construction environments. Our sustainable plant-based packaging products provide a solution that can benefit these industries looking to work towards a zero carbon footprint. 

Industrial Polythene provides products that utilise modern technologies to manufacture more environmentally friendly polythene & polythene alternative packaging solutions. For example: 

  • Using bio-based materials made from sugarcane
  • Use better technology from a unique blend of polymers to make a film that is lightweight & high-performance 
  • Thinner, yet stronger, solutions which consume less raw material & are cheaper to transport
  • Wide range of products that are recyclable 
  • Products made from at least 30% post-consumer waste (PCW)

Reduce your carbon footprint today 

All our polythene products can be created using eco-friendly, reduced carbon or carbon-neutral materials and processes. 

We supply products a wide range of products in various colours to help you achieve your sustainability commitments:

You can learn more about  CLC's Construct Zero Goals here and about how Industrial Polythene’s Greener Packaging Solutions can help you to achieve these goals. 

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