What is MDO Film? Discover its Benefits & Uses

19 May 2023
When choosing the right packaging, MDO film is something to consider. It is growing in popularity as the best recyclable material in flex...

How to Reduce Your Packaging & Shipping Costs and Carbon Footprint

09 May 2023
In a world growing ever more expensive, finding ways to reduce packaging and shipping costs will always be welcomed. If in doing so we ca...

UK Packaging Waste Regulations - A Quick Guide for 2023

02 May 2023
In January 2023 the UK Packaging Waste Regulations were updated. As a result, it’s important to understand whether you need to register, ...

Plastic Packaging Tax – One Year On

28 March 2023
According to Gov.uk, “You will need to pay Plastic Packaging Tax if you have manufactured or imported plastic packaging components which ...

Blown vs Cast Stretch Wrap: What Are the Differences & Benefits?

20 March 2023
Stretch film (or stretch wrap) is a plastic film typically manufactured from Linear Low Density Polyethylene (LLDPE), and is used for pal...

EPR; What is it and What Does it Mean for Producers of Plastics?

07 March 2023
EPR (Extended Producer Responsibility) has existed since the early 1990s but was only introduced in the UK in 2023. With new changes bein...

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