Clinical Waste Bags – What Do the Different Colours Mean?

20 January 2023
If you produce clinical waste in the UK, you need to dispose of it in accordance with UK law. Under the Environmental Protection Act 1990...

Packaging Plastic in a Circular Economy

16 January 2023
“Society needs to stop thinking of plastic as ‘waste,’ but as a renewable resource that needs to be disposed of correctly” Helen Jor...

What Is Polythene Sheeting and Where Is It Used?

17 November 2022
Polythene itself was discovered by accident in 1933 by two scientists Eric Fawcett and Reginald Gibson. To this day it remains the world'...

Glossary of Polythene Related Terms

03 October 2022
The following are a range of terms which you may encounter within the polythene industry.

Construct Zero – Reduce Your Carbon Footprint With Industrial Polythene

23 September 2022
Here at Industrial Polythene, we want to work to create a zero-emissions construction industry. We believe that by providing the right pr...

What Is Single Wound Sheeting (SWS)?

20 September 2022
Single Wound Sheeting (SWS), or flat film, is a type of polythene sheeting that is used for a variety of applications, including as a mac...

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