If you are looking for a pallet wrap that offers more robust protection than standard pallet wrap or need to wrap an awkwardly shaped product with greater tear protection, Industrial Polythene can supply you with a heavy duty pallet wrap tailored to suit your needs.

Benefits of heavy duty pallet wraps:

  • Perfect for irregular loads or loads with sharp edges or protrusions which could pierce regular pallet film.

  • Offers a high level of protection.

  • Provide more pallet stability for heavy items such as machine parts.

  • Better for the environment than regular pallet wrap as less is required to protect your goods.

  • Strong and robust.

  • Improved protection from external tampering, dirt and poor weather conditions.

  • Perfect for transporting or warehouse storage.

Heavy duty pallet wrap supplied to any specification:

We can supply heavy duty pallet wrap, manufactured to the client’s unique specifications. This means that no matter the size, shape or weight of your item, we can supply a heavy duty pallet wrap to protect and transport it. Choose from:

Eco-friendly heavy duty pallet wrap:

Our heavy duty pallet wraps can be manufactured using our IP Plant bio material which is made using natural, renewable resources including sugar cane. We also provide IP Performance which results in:

  • Stronger film.

  • Less thickness.

  • Less weight.

This helps reduce shipping costs and plastic packaging tax costs under EPR.

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