Polythene heat shrink pallets are designed and manufactured to give you peace of mind that your palletised goods are protected during storage or that they will arrive at their destination in the same condition they left in.

With a completely bespoke service, we can offer you the perfect product to suit your needs. We have a number of customisable options and our heat shrink pallet covers are robust, waterproof and gusseted for extra protection.

Benefits of Heat Shrink Pallet Covers

  • Waterproof and protected from damp

  • Gusseted (form-fitted and has been produced with a seal that does not expose any extra material)

  • Bespoke and made to measure

  • Can be printed with your company logo or any safety instructions

  • Robust and heavy duty to protect your goods

Heat Shrink Pallet Covers Manufactured to Your Needs

Every pallet cover we supply is completely bespoke and all the specifications are chosen entirely by the customer to ensure we are meeting your requirements.


Made to measure and customised to fit any pallet size including UK and EU standard sized pallets. For reference, UK standard pallet size is 1200mm x 1000mm and Euro pallet standard size is 800mm x 1200mm.


Customised to any height you choose but our most popular height is 1000mm to 2000mm.


Most customers choose clear pallet covers as it allows you to see what is inside without removing the cover. However, we do offer different colours. For example, a customer may choose black for added security if they wanted to keep items hidden from view.


We can supply heat shrink covers in a thickness to meet your requirements. However, our most popular thicknesses are in the region of 75 microns (300 gauge) to 125 microns (500 gauge). Depending on what you require from your pallet cover will determine what thickness you should select. Choosing a lightweight option will save on costs, or you may require a more durable, robust pallet cover to protect your goods during storage.


The heat shrink pallet covers are available on a roll or loose boxed.

Alternative Pallet Protection Solutions

In addition to our pallet covers we offer a range of alternative means of securing and protecting palletised goods including:

As with our pallet covers, each order is custom manufactured and supplied to your own unique requirements and exact specification.

Order Your Heat Shrink Pallet Covers Today

We can offer you a bespoke, robust and waterproof heat shrink pallet cover to suit every requirement. To request a quote, contact us today on 0330 094 7197

Bags and Covers Products

We manufacture and supply a wide range of polythene bags and covers.
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