Polyolefin and PVC shrink wraps and films are ideal for large or awkward products, packages and pallets. They shrink to form a “second skin” around the package providing protection against dust, dirt, moisture and all types of weather. Because goods are held firm in transit there is less opportunity for damage and we can make pallet bags to your specification. If you choose dark or black, opaque shrink wrap you can protect your goods from prying eyes, or, if you prefer, translucent film will display them.

How Does Shrink Wrap Work?

Shrink film (or shrink wrap) normally comes on a roll and is a multifaceted polythene film that tightly wraps and packages goods. When shrink wrapping an item, firstly, the film is loosely wrapped around the item or pallet. Secondly, when heat is applied to the polythene film, the film shrinks around the product tightly. After this process, you have a stable and durable layer of protection tightly wrapped around the item.

If you'd like to learn more, we've written a dedicated article on what shrink wrap is and how it works.

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Advantages of shrink wrapping

Increased Protection

The tight nature of the shrink wrap ensures increased protection of the encapsulated goods. The item is protected from dirt and debris, as well as having superior moisture protection, and is therefore protected from all the damage these contaminants could potentially cause. We can even include additives such as UV inhibitors, anti-static treatment, and low and non-fusion options for increased protection.

Increase Stability

Wrapping your goods in polythene shrink wrap gives superior stability to your goods when in transit or storage. The tight wrapping ensures the continued rigidity of the pallet or product so there’s no risk of it falling over or items falling out, further protecting your items from damage.

Durable Wrapping

Polythene shrink film is a tough and durable material that is tear and puncture resistant. Even with obscure-shaped loads, shrink wrap will not loosen once heated and shrunk, giving you peace of mind that your goods will remain tightly protected and upright when in transit or storage.

Cost Effective

Not only is shrink film a relatively low cost, affordable material and form of packaging, it is also a space saver. This tight way of packaging items results in more space available in storage or transit, which could potentially save you money if you’re transporting or storing multiple items.

Reduced Tampering

Due to the tight and secure nature of shrink wrapping, it is more difficult for someone to tamper with the goods once wrapped. Furthermore, any tampering would be instantly noticeable as shrink film doesn’t loosen or sag, and isn’t easily tearable. It’s a great way to ensure the sealed items haven’t been tampered with.

Size and Shape Aren’t An Issue

No matter the size or shape of the item you want to wrap, shrink wrapping can do it all. From small, intricate pieces, to large obscure shaped loads, PE shrink film is a convenient and all encompassing solution to your wrapping needs.

Branding and Printing

Industrial Polythene can supply printed shrink film, as well as alter its colour and opaqueness. This means your items can be easily recognisable by adding your logo and brand colours when shrink wrapping your goods, which will be able to represent your organisation throughout its journey. This can improve brand awareness, and increase visibility to potential customers.

Printing options include:

  • Logos

  • Safety warnings
  • Identification marks
  • Advertisements

Colour options include:

  • Natural material
  • Variety of tinted colours
  • Variety of opaque colours

Additive options include:

  • UV inhibitors
  • Anti static treatment
  • Low and non-fusion options.

Films and Tubes Products

We manufacture and supply a wide range of polythene films and tubes.
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