Stabalise and secure your goods with high-quality black pallet stretch wrap. Available in a variety of sizes, our black wrapping is the ideal way to secure your loads for transportation or storage.

Why Use Black Pallet Wrap?

Using a black pallet wrap holds a range of positives when ensuring your goods are distributed and transported safely. It’s particularly ideal for businesses to use because of the high level of protection that it provides.

a black Pallet Wrap

The Benefits Include:


With its black opaque colour, it ensures your products are packed securely; concealing the contents of the product away from any theft or intrusive actions.

Protection during transportation and storage:

Black pallet wrap is made of LLPDE (Linear Low Density Polyethylene). This stretch wrap material is exceptional for protecting your goods from any dust particles and external damage. Plus, its black colour means it can shield your product away from any sunlight; preventing any damage to the contents of the pallet.


As well as being environmentally friendly, black pallet wrap is recyclable. While being sustainable to the planet, it also comes in at a low cost, making transportation of your goods greener and cheaper.


The flexibility of the material allows the pallet to be very durable. It can be stretched to cover your product securely with its tight texture packaging, either using dispensers or by hand.

Black Pallet Wrap Supplied to Any Specification

As the UK’s largest independent supplier of polythene packaging products, we can provide black pallet wrap which is manufactured to meet your unique specifications.

We can customise any aspect but our most popular requests include:

Extended Core vs Flush Core

Flush Core Stretch Wrap is more likely used via a dispenser. The roll is wound tightly onto the core without any overlap, and can stretch to usually twice the length.

Extended core pallet wrap provides an extended inner core which protrudes at each end beyond the film roll, thus providing two hand-holds.

Extended core wraps provide an easy way to secure your product with no need for a dispenser.

Blown vs Cast Films

Stretch film, or stretch wrap, is a type of plastic film that is used for pallet wrapping. It helps protect your product from any damage or loss on its transportation journey. The two main methods of wrapping can be done either hand stretch wrap, or machine stretch wrap.

Stretch film is produced using two manufacturing processes: blown and cast.

Blown stretch has more of a higher durability and strong puncture resistance, whereas cast stretch is used for lighter products, such as providing the ability to scan barcodes through the material

Eco-friendly Black Pallet Wrap

Creating a more eco-friendly and sustainable approach to packaging is at the forefront of Industrial Polythene. We have a green range of films to help you lower your carbon footprint when distributing your products. We manufacture using IP Plants (sugar canes), which is a more natural and renewable resource. The IP performance results in a stronger film with less thickness and weight, helping you reduce your shipping costs and plastic packaging tax costs under EPR.

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We manufacture and supply a wide range of polythene films and tubes.
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