ACM (Asbestos Containing Material) or friable asbestos products contain microscopic chrysolite or amosite asbestos fibres which, if breathed in, can attach themselves to the lungs. Over time, and in sufficient quantities, asbestos fibres can lead to serious lung conditions, cancer, and various pulmonary diseases.

Asbestos was commonly used in a number of sectors since the late 1800’s but is most well known for its usage within the construction industry. It was commonly used within building materials of the mid 1980s including roofs, pipes, garages, cement and more. However, it has been banned in the UK since 1999, and legislation exists to ensure any asbestos material is handled and disposed of in a safe way to minimise risk of contamination to humans or the environment.

Failure to dispose of asbestos correctly could result in a fine of up to £20,000 or up to six months imprisonment

Ensuring you choose high quality, robust asbestos removal bags which you can rely on is extremely important.

How to choose the right asbestos removal bag:

Unlike other types of polythene bags, asbestos removal bags are not measured using gauge thickness. Instead, the following aspects should be considered when choosing the removal bag:

  • the size of the items being disposed of

  • the shape of the items being disposed of

  • the maximum load capacity/weight of each bag - overloading a bag can result in it splitting

  • the total volume of asbestos to be disposed of

  • whether you need a “gloved asbestos removal bag”

  • the relevant UN classification

Asbestos Removal Bags
Clear and red asbestos removal bags

There are two main types of asbestos removal bags.

  • Clear bags are used to provide a secondary layer and extra level of protection
  • Red bags are used as the primary bag and are used to hold the harmful material.

Thankfully at Industrial Polythene, each client’s order is custom manufactured to their specific needs which means it is easier to demonstrate that obligations to dispose of asbestos correctly have been met.

Choosing the right size of asbestos removal bag

For jobs where only a small amount of asbestos needs to be removed, a fairly standard set of asbestos removal bags may be sufficient. These typically range from small 10kg bags to larger, thicker, heavy duty 30kg bags.

For larger items or larger volumes, we can provide asbestos removal skip bags or liners to help ensure asbestos is safely contained during transport, and also helps make subsequent decontamination of the skip between jobs much easier, faster, and more efficient.

Choosing the right size and weight capacity bag is vitally important in order to aid safe handling and minimise the risk of bag splitting.

Warning: It’s important to avoid “cheap” bags as these could split much closer to (or even below) the claimed weight limit of the bag, thus increasing the health and financial risks and making them a false economy.

Industrial Polythene’s asbestos removal bags are made from durable polythene and factor in extra allowance in the tolerances to make them safe, robust and reliable.

Choosing the right shape of asbestos removal bag

Some objects such as old pipework, sheets, or asbestos guttering can be too large to fit into a standard bag. However, cutting the asbestos to make them fit can disturb and release the harmful fibres which increases the health risks.

We can custom manufacture non-standard bag sizes and bag lengths to any specifications in order to help reduce the amount of modification required, and therefore reduce disturbance of any harmful fibres.

Gloved asbestos removal bags

Gloved asbestos removal bags are large polythene bags which have two built-in arms and gloves which allow safe containment of asbestos material which subsequently needs additional handling (for example, during dismantling of a component or removing surface asbestos from a pipe).

UN Numbers for asbestos removal products

Fibrous, unbonded asbestos is classified as a UN Class 9 hazardous substance, and as a result needs to be packaged according to UN2212 or UN2590 classification requirements.

The removal bags need to be UN certified and clearly display the relevant classification and ADR pictogram 9 on the external surface.

Asbestos removal bags manufactured to your specifications

Knowing your staff have equipment that they can trust is a vital aspect in any industry but especially when it comes to the safe handling, removal and disposal of asbestos.

Whether you need to order standard sized removal bags in bulk, or need more unusual size/shaped bags, we can help.

Contact us today today to discuss your requirements.

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